Christine Coffman

Each Carving is personally carved, signed and dated by Christine Coffman

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The Artist, Christine Coffman

 Christine Coffman was taught to carve by her father in 1963. Self-taught from that time, her style has become distinct and reflective of her North European heritage. The figures originate in pencil sketches, then develop during the carving process.

Linden wood is used due to the perfect pairing of it's properties to her needs. Linden wood is light and strong. The grain is straight and allows fine knife strokes to create a smooth surface. Butternut wood is used for it's interesting grain patterns. Both woods are native to eastern United States.

Each carving is signed and dated then finished with tung oil to seal and protect the wood.

Some of her carvings are whimsical. Some are serious. In each carving she attempts, she hopes that people will see reflected in her work the satisfaction she derives from carving.

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