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Miniature Bear Wood Carvings
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Bears make very versatile subject matter for the wood carver. Coffman's bear wood carvings are designed in a lighthearted manner, designed in fact for humor. Bear collectors enjoy the fact that they are hand carved and original, and that the bears are signed and dated. Each little figurine is stained to bring out the detail in their faces.

Different people see different explanations for similar bear poses. A fisherman bear with outspread arms to show the size of the fish can be seen as a bear expecting a hug. A laughing bear can be either laughing with you or at you. One customer thought a scratching bear was playing an air guitar. So many couples look at the bear hugs and claim they look just like them. A taller bear hugging a younger bear makes a good child/grandparent gift.

When used as a gift, the bear wood carving can reflect the recipients' interests. People consider them very collectible and enjoy building their set with future bears carved with specific suggestions from the collector.

The fact that her bears are naturally bottom heavy allows for poses that can take on a lively manner. The bears can be designed to give a grouping of bears much variety in poses. Goldilocks and the three bears is a fun set. Gossiping bears would be a good grouping. One couple uses their bears to show when one of the couple is less than pleased, by turning one bear around, so the bear is pouting.

It's all just fun.


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bear character
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bear hugs
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Classic Bear Carvings
Character Bears
Bear Hugs

Classic Bears depend totally on  personality and body language to spark a connection.

Classic Bears are 2 inches tall and are $30 each.

Character Bears have props:  clothing, equipage, or additional little animals define it's character.

Character Bears are $40 each.

BEAR HUGS (two bears, attached) Classic Style: $40 per couple
Character Style: $50 per couple

Wedding Cake Top
Bear Hugs are:    $120

Each carving is one of a kind. Pick the type of Bear you would like and I can email you pictures of what is currently available.

Shipping and handling at Cost.
No profit on shipping.

Overseas shipping is extra.
(7 to 10 days)

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