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Christmas Ornaments & Noggins Wood Carvings
For Your Christmas Tree
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This is an area where just about any idea can be worked into a Christmas ornament. If you have a general theme for the carving that you would like, say, a cat themed ornament, then either the cat can be the carved ornament, or you could have a child holding a cat. You could specify a little girl or boy, funny or sweet and have a special order Christmas ornament that no one else will ever have. The Christmas ornaments in the pictures, below,  just show how varied the ideas can be.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Many children and grandchildren play sports or musical instruments and that too, is a way of personalizing the Christmas ornament.

Matched or Mirrored Pairs of Christmas Ornaments

Matching carved ornaments or ornaments that are mirror images of each other are a good way to share Christmas when you can't be together. It's a sentimental yet happy approach to ornament collecting.

Beat the Christmas Rush!

It is so much easier to carve these ornaments far in advance of the Christmas rush. Please let us know as soon as you are interested. Although many people think of ornaments only at Christmas time, many clients have told Coffman that they leave their special ornaments out all year and not just on a Christmas tree.


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Noggin Wood Carvings

The term "noggin" can mean a head and seems to have a rustic feeling to it that goes well with the look of the carvings. You can see some of our Noggin wood carvings by going to Page 2 above.

The noggin idea developed when odd pieces of wood were left after cutting out larger ideas from a board. The unusual shapes worked perfectly for forcing Coffman to look at different ways to fit expressive faces into the space available. There was no wrong way to carve them and so no rules that had to be followed. She could carve long beards, short beards, faces that were fat or crinkled up, mouths that were hidden or smiling widely, or intentionally make the hat fall over one eye. Carving the noggins is the perfect break from more serious work like the nativity scene wood carvings.





















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Butternut Bear Ornament
baby xmasa baby xmas b Butterball Bear Ornament
ornament bnb
cat ornament 1 cat ornament 2 cat ornament 3 cat ornament 4
cat ornament 5 cat ornament 6 cat ornament 7 cat ornament 8

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Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Victorian and Traditional Santas
Santa "Noggins" $20
Santa "Noggins"
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