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Santa Claus Christmas Wood Carvings
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Traditional Jolly Santa Claus and St. Nicholas

Christine Coffman enjoys carving Santa Claus as both the American traditional jolly Santa Claus, and as the older version of St. Nicholas who is often portrayed as taller and thinner and more serious. When carving a Santa, or Saint Nicholas, Coffman has a general idea of how she would like the Santa to appear, but as the carving develops, Santa's head may take on a different angle, or Santa's hands positions may need to be rethought to call attention to what Santa is holding.

What Is Santa Claus Holding?

What Santa Claus is holding, be it a bear, or toy train or doll depends on if it is a special order which must have Santa holding a specific toy or if the Santa or Saint Nicholas is being carved as stock and then the object can be decided as the carving nears completion.

Mr. and Ms. Santa Claus

Coffman also has carved Ms. Claus. Having both Santa Claus and Ms. Claus as a set can open up a whole variety of ways to display the carvings. A Christmas tree can be added to the arrangement, and elves, and Christmas toys. Also, by adding Ms. Claus, it puts the setting of the arrangement more likely up at the North Pole and Santa can be dressed more casually, possible showing Santa in his suspenders and slippers. Requesting specific details like the toy or the mode of dress can make your Santa order even more of an original carving, and a one of a kind Christmas gift or, really, a gift for any occasion..

Santa Claus Carvings From Different Woods

Usually, the larger Saint Nicholas carvings are from the Butternut wood and the smaller, fatter Santa's are carved from Linden wood. As you can tell from the photos on the Santa pages, it is hard to tell from the detail just how large any of the Santa carvings are. Linden wood allows the artist to suggest fine detail even in the three inch carvings.




















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santa trio santa waving santa no hat santa hands clasped
waving santa santa hands together hand down santa santa looking up
santa two palms up santa reaching waving santa St. Nicholas
St. Nick st. Nicholas waving two st. Nicholas hands together saint nicholas signing



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2-4 inch
Santa Claus
Linden wood 1 $40
6 inch
Butternut Victorian Santa Claus
butternut wood $50

6 inch
Santa Claus

Linden wood 2 $80

6.5 inch
Butternut Victorian
Santa Claus

butternut wood 2 $55
7-14 inch
Santa Claus
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Santa Claus Wreath Linden wood 3 $225